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20th Mar 2017


UK slaughterings continue to be well down year-on-year

UK clean pig slaughterings continue to be well down year-on-year, supporting a stable price in the early months of 2017.

17th Mar 2017


EU committee stands by zinc oxide ban recommendation

An EU veterinary committee has reasserted its view that zinc oxide should be banned at therapeutic levels, following a review of its evidence.

17th Mar 2017


Farmers gain access to pest controller rat bait

A rat bait widely used by professional pest controllers is now being made available to farmers certified under the rodenticide stewardship scheme.

16th Mar 2017


Meadow Quality announce death of Colin Wooldridge

Meadow Quality have announced the death of Colin Wooldridge, a well-known and respected character in the pig industry.

16th Mar 2017


Food and drink supply chain seeks assurances on UK-Ireland trade

The UK food and drink supply chain has come together to call on the Government to make an early agreement on future trade with the Republic of Ireland. 

15th Mar 2017


NI u-turn could lead to further attacks on self-employed farmers - NFU Mutual

Philip Hammond’s u-turn on increasing NI contributions for self-employed people will come as a ‘huge relief’ to the majority of farmers who are self-employed.

14th Mar 2017


VMD backs NPA position on 10-year transition if zinc oxide banned

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is backing the NPA’s calls for a 10-year transition period, if zinc oxide is banned in piglet feed.

14th Mar 2017


Farmers urged to get planning applications in early ahead of fee hikes

Farmers are being urged to get planning applications in early, ahead of a 20% increase in planning fees from this summer.

13th Mar 2017


Groceries Adjudicator wants to hear from direct supermarket suppliers

The Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) is inviting businesses that supply retailers direct to two roundtable meetings during the spring.

10th Mar 2017


Red Tractor agrees to give producers more time to enter eMB-Pigs data

The Red Tractor pigs board has accepted a request by the NPA producer group to allow more time for scheme members to submit data onto the eMB-Pigs database.